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London holiday, 26th May - 29th May 2014

This was the foruth and last day, and although I'd walked across Tower Bridge on the 2nd day, it was raining so I didn't get the camera out.

I was hoping to get some shots of Tower Bridge. I don't know why, as I find it an ugly structure. I really don't like it. However, it's there, it's a landmark, so if I can photograph it, I will.

Of course, this wasn't the highlight of the day. Jamie S, was with me on the trip, and we were getting off at London Bridge station. Jamie spotted a blonde mop of hair on the escalator, with the owner clutching a bicycle helmet. Could it be? Was it Boris Johnson?

Yes, it was. Hurrah. In fact, I even got in front of him, and asked him which way Tower Bridge was. He even took the time to answer me. What a guy. This means he's been added to the list of famous people I've spoken to. And, unlike Al Murray, he didn't call me a dozy f***er.

There was also more of the Houses of Parliament, and the Victoria gardens, and to comple the day, a walk down the Lameth side of the river.

I'd say I'd have been doing the Lambet walk, but due to the blisters on my feet and the aching calves, I'd say it was more like the Lambeth walk-like-i'd-just-shat-myself.

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