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I can't say I've looked hard, but I was unable to find much information on what was once in this discarded cassette shell.

It was apparently released in 1992.

Cleverly, my thumb is covering where the catalogue number should be. Nice going.

Walk #16, a return trip from Haswell, to Hart, this time with the extra journey of getting back to my house.

It is now pretty much the height of summer, thankfully the weather was infinitely better than the first trip back in March.

It also felt considerably easier, maybe because it was downhill, maybe it's because we've got used to walking these distances, maybe because we knew the way, and could distinguish landmarks to how far is left? I'm not entirely sure, but this was a much nicer walk, and at roughly 12 miles in total (Endomondo says 11.7, but my GPS wasn't receiving for the first quarter of a mile or so), is the longest I've ever done!