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Yes, it's a streetlight. No, I won't apologise, as these ones are a bit of a classic. They are GEC Z8691's, with integral gear. I believe they still run mercury lanterns, as one of the ones photographed is missing its bowl, and is running a mercury lamp.

Walk #11, from Osmotherly, along the Cleveland Way, along to the Cod Beck Reservoir, and finally back into the village. Roughly 5 miles, with some absolutely stunning shots across the Tees Valley.

The weather was pretty much perfect, an occasional black cloud would drift over, but there was no more than a few drops of rain for the full walk.

Wildlife was in abundance, with everything from rabbits to dogs wearing t-shirts. OK, the last one isn't wildlife, but you know what I mean.

I also heard my very first "Tawny Owl", though it was deep in woodland, so never got the chance to actually see it.