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Walk #8, from Guisborough Forest, to Roseberry Topping, and back again. Gary F was again in attendance with his dog Boris, and Jamie S was missing for the third walk in a row., though Gary did phone him from the top.

The walk wasn't originally planned to incorporate Roseberry Topping, but after following the path through the forest, we found out we were no more than half a mile away from it.

Although reluctant at first, I eventually agreed it would be a good idea. I'd already had a few miles in my legs, so thought I'd struggle to get to the top. I'm happy to report that I didn't, and that the views were more amazing than I'd remembered in my previous two trips. Steetley Chimney is clearly visible - unfortunately in the previous two trips, it wasn't possible to make out any of Hartlepool, but today was different - it was clear, and visible.

The weather was by far the best we've had on these walks so far, and I've returned back to Mercuryvapour Towers looking like a slightly overdone lobster.

NOTE: These ones were taken with the Canon A480 - unfortunately, the timestamps on the original files are out by 1 hour, I'd forgotten to set the camera for BST.

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