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I'm not sure of the differences between butterflies or moths, but this barticular creature was stood in the middle of the path, narrowly missing an interaction with my Size 10s. It didn't move, and even unfurled its wings temporarily to allow me to get the final shot.

Walk #1 of 2012, Gary and I make a return trip to Osmotherley, this time to catch the reservoir and surrounding areas in all of their springtime glory.

2012 has seen record temperatures for March, and this day proves it more than any other, as it was absolutely scorching. The daffodils are in full bloom, grassed areas have began to pring into greenery, and the frogs / toads have returned to watery areas to copulate like there's no tomorrow.

And, my right knee, from this moment is officially goosed. Towards the end of 2011, I'd kept off the walks in the hope that my right knee would "heal", or at least stop hurting whenever I went downhill. Some six months after our last walk, my knee is still giving me pain. Grrrr.