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A p[hoto gallery of places I've visited, things that I've done, and other completely pointless mescellany.

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"The Deep" aquarium , in Hull

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Jamie S once said, "does everything need a photo?" Yes, yes it does. I also, apparently "tke pleasure in such stupid things". Maybe so, but the thought of this place selling fish tickled me somewhat. Maybe this is how they get rid of their least popular attractions?

Admittedly, I was tempted by the chicken curry, but not at that price.

A selection of images in "the Deep", a large aquarium in Hull, overlooking the Humber Estuary. Plenty of breeds of exotic fish, and a couple of sharks and stingrays.

Photo quality isn't all that good I'm afraid. My big Canon is still out of action, so my little Canon was put into use, unfortunately the low light quality leaves a lot to be desired, so a few are blurred until I decided to crank the ISO up to the maximum. these particular photos are noisy! I was more interested in getting video anyway.