Percy's Pointless Pictures

A p[hoto gallery of places I've visited, things that I've done, and other completely pointless mescellany.

19th century 2016 a689 abbey road aeroplane aircraft amphibian amsterdam aquarium athletics bank holiday bbc beach beatles big ben bird birmingham blackpool boats bonfire night bonnebouche bridge bridges british touring cars broadcast BTCC cake camden cameraphone capital city castle cathedral centre cheshire church city games clouds coast crimdon crimdon dene crossing cruise daffodil danube day out decomissioned dene display disused durham easington lane england europe explosions extreme robots factory ferris ferry field field event fire fireworks fish flames flower flying forest frog gardens gary gatehouse of fleet gateshead gateway gb5sh glencoe grafitti great north grounds guisborough guy fawkes halifax ham radio hamsterley forest hart hart to haswell hart village hartlepool haswell haswell to hart headland highland heritage coach tour highlands HMS Ocean holiday hotel hull humber infinity bridge iron kielder kris londinium london long jump man-made manchester marina maritime minster mondo music newcastle night north east north yorkshire northumberland oban old railway osmotherley oulton park palace peterlee pit walk plane pokemon priory railway redcar reservoir riesenrad river robot roseberry topping saint hilda scarborough Schloss Schönbrunn schoenbrunn scotland sea seaside setup shark shit shop saturday sky speccy sport spring springtime st hilda stag do statue steetley walk spring wet steam stephansplatz stingray stockton summer Sunderland sunny teesside television thames the deep the three sisters thorpe thewles titan toad torched tower bridge town trackside trip tropical truefellows turbine turbines tyndrum tynemouth vacation victoria vienna walk walkway wall Warship water weekend weiner westminster wheel whitby white wien wings work wynyard yellow York york minster yorkshire zebra